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Health Screenings and Vaccinations

The Background

During the past two years, thousands of individuals in the region were either unable to attend or cancelled routine health screenings. The data from the Centers for Disease Control, life insurance companies, and other sources at the national level is beginning to reveal how the lack of routine screenings during Covid-19 has translated into higher mortality rates for cancer, stroke, heart disease, substance use, and other chronic diseases. The death rate for several of those diseases has also been more pronounced along racial and ethnic lines. As a result of vaccine hesitancy during Covid-19, many parents have also forgone immunizing their children for preventable diseases such as measles.

To offer a few examples:

  1. In 2020, mortality rates for heart disease and stroke increased 4.3% and 6.4%, respectively.
  2. The number of alcohol-related deaths increased 25%, outpacing the increase among all other causes of death. More individuals below the age of 65 died from alcohol-related causes than they did Covid-19 
  3. During the past two years, more than 22 million infants missed their first dose of measles vaccine, or 3 million more than in 2019 and the largest annual increase in over 20 years

The reduction in health screenings and vaccinations likely correlates with other factors at the community level, including behavior changes resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic that will require more data and analysis.

Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation’s general eligibility criteria apply to the RFP. Please review the Funding Policies on the Apply page of the Foundation’s website and the General FAQs found on the Foundation’s Nonprofit and Public Sector Partners webpage.

Funding Guidelines

The Foundation expects to provide two types of support through this RFP.

Planning and Innovation grants:

  • Focus on experimentation and the development of new ideas.
  • Will provide up to $250,000 and funded activities should be completed within 12 to 18 months after the grant award

Scalability grants:

  • Sustain and expand promising, evidence-informed initiatives.
  • Will provide up to $400,000 and funded activities should be completed within 24 months after the grant award

Grant funds awarded through this RFP may be used for a variety of expenses such as program and service delivery, consultant fees, evaluation, or “overhead” or administrative expenses. A limited amount of capital expenditures for equipment and lab infrastructure that are essential to accomplish the outcomes of the proposal may be included. 

If an application is truly exceptional, the Foundation may consider providing more than $250,000 for Planning and Innovation grants or more than $400,000 for Scalability grants. Successful grantees may be invited to apply for follow-on funding or additional capacity-building funding opportunities at the conclusion of the grant.

What the Foundation Will Not Fund

The Foundation will not fund the following through this RFP:

  • Endowments
  • Advocacy, political causes, or events
  • Existing deficits or retroactive funding
  • Event sponsorships


  • Applications submitted – Friday, September 9, 2022 Noon (12:00 PM) EST.
  • Funding Status Notification – October 14, 2022
  • Funds Issued for Awarded Grants – October 28, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Request For Proposals

We encourage you to prioritize carefully with your organization, and we recommend that an organization submit one proposal to each RFP. However, the logic model describing the proposed initiative may contain several types of activities that are critical for the project’s success.  

If you are submitting a proposal as part of a large regional research, university, or healthcare institution, we will consider ideas from multiple divisions within the institution. You should coordinate with your institution’s development office before responding to an RFP or completing the General Application to the Foundation.

Nonprofit and public sector applicants can submit different proposals to any of the RFPs at the same time.  

For-profit companies and entrepreneurs are only able to submit a proposal to the Employment in the New Economy: Supporting Disconnected and Gig Economy Workers RFP

Have a Question?

Please contact [email protected] at the Foundation to discuss questions regarding this RFP.