Nonprofit and Public Sector Partners

Nonprofit and public sector partners apply through our Requests for Ideas and our General Application.

Requests for Ideas

We use Requests for Ideas (RFIs) to solicit great ideas for a specific strategic effort. Those requests enable us to focus our funding on critical topics and cultivate partnerships with a variety of organizations. Each RFI has specific guidance about topics, timelines, and other funding considerations. We currently have four active RFIs, and all are accepting ideas until July 16, 2021. The links below provide detailed guidance about each RFI. 

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General Application 

The General Application is open to proposals that are aligned with our 2021-2030 strategy and have a different or broader scope than we are considering through our more targeted RFIs. Any nonprofit or government agency can submit using our General Application at any time during the year. Please note: At this time, it is highly unlikely that we will consider unsolicited proposals seeking Organizational Effectiveness funding.

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Yes, you can submit an idea to an RFI and also submit a proposal seeking support for other activities conducted by your organization.

The goal of the RFIs is for the Foundation to learn in-depth about bold, creative ideas from organizations across the community. We thus suggest that an organization think deeply and carefully about a proposed project and submit one idea to each RFI. The logic model describing the idea may contain several types of activities that are critical for the idea’s success. 

On the rare occasion that an organization is working on multiple ideas that either work with different partners or aim to meet different outcomes, the organization could consider submitting different ideas to a single RFI. The organization could also consider submitting one idea in Round 1 and another idea in Round 2.

Yes, you can submit one idea per RFI to multiple RFIs at the same time. 

Review the instructions for each RFI closely, especially the list of priorities for the RFI. Submit your idea to the RFI that most closely aligns with the priorities listed. Also consider your idea’s proposed outcomes that you will be including in the logic model and the extent to which target populations and priorities itemized in the RFI instructions align with those outcomes.

Your fiscal sponsor should submit the idea, and clearly indicate in the executive summary that they are acting as a fiscal sponsor and that you are the agency leading the work. 

The Foundation will not fund ideas that include regranting to individuals. The Foundation may fund ideas that include regranting from a lead agency to other agencies who are identified in the submission as participants in a collaboration. In this case, the regranted funds are solely to support the collaborative activities described in the submission. 

We will consider ideas in which organizations provide technical assistance in areas where they have expertise or are working with pre-identified partners, who will then assist with the implementation of the proposed project.

The Foundation seeks to enhance and strengthen the vitality of Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. Our Economic Mobility and Health and Well-Being funding programs serve Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. 

Our Economic Development program also provides funding in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, but we will consider Economic Development grants and PRIs across western Pennsylvania on a case-by-case basis. 

Conservation is our only national program - in Conservation we consider applications to advance our charitable purpose locally, across Pennsylvania, and across the United States. Your application should clearly explain how your work will benefit the geographies we serve.

No. You should only submit one application to the Foundation, and include a description of the full array of activities, outputs, and outcomes which Foundation funding would be used to support. 

No. Do not submit multiple applications to a single Foundation funding program. Instead, collate all the projects for which your organization would like to receive funding into a single proposal. 

The exception to this guidance is large regional research, university, and healthcare institutions. The Foundation will accept multiple applications in a year from large regional research, university, and healthcare institutions. If you are submitting an application as part of a large regional research, university, or healthcare institution, you must coordinate with your respective development office before submitting any applications to the Foundation.

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