Health & Well-Being

Advancing Science

Investment Area: Advancing Science

Technology, knowledge and science are fundamental in modern society and investment in the advancement of science helps identify new ways of understanding and impacting health and well-being at both the individual and community level. 

Priority: Basic Research - Basic research fills in the knowledge we do not yet have around the causes of poor health and the relationship between the environment and health and well-being. 

Priority: Applied Research and Evaluation - Applied research and evaluation seek to answer questions in the real world by proposing, testing, assessing, and then improving cutting edge or novel treatments, practices, or other solutions in our community. 

Priority: Research Translation and Dissemination - Dissemination and adoption of data-informed practices, programs, and policies ensure that the solutions to health problems in our community are not only grounded in research, but also position us to have the greatest degree of impact on the ability of individuals to lead a healthy life. 

Priority: Identification and Response to Emerging Issues - Unforeseen global events, new technologies, scientific discoveries and changes in our economy continually shape our lives and communities. Challenges such as these can profoundly impact numerous aspects of health and well-being. Efforts to identify and respond to emerging issues facilitates collaboration and rapid response.


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