Economic Development

Employment Opportunities

Investment Area: Employment Opportunities 

This investment area aims to foster individuals’ equitable opportunities for employment, income and wealth, and forging toward economic independence. In the new innovation economy, a region’s economic development can no longer narrowly focus on checking a box to create a “job”. 

Priority: Business and Job Creation - The Foundation’s investments in this area support the creation of jobs that offer family-sustaining wages, are career enhancing for individuals, and support individuals in obtaining and succeeding in occupations of the future. Investments aim to connect underemployed or unemployed people with job opportunities in high-priority occupations in innovation economy fields or to incubate new businesses and start-ups.

Priority: Entrepreneurship - Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The Foundation’s investments aim to support efforts to allow entrepreneurship to thrive, to build the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, and to support efforts for underrepresented groups to jumpstart or grow entrepreneurship efforts.

Priority: Economic Independence and Employment - Supporting nontraditional employment avenues, such as careers as freelancers and contractors, or in the gig economy. Investments aim to grow young talent to become leaders in the new innovation economy, address inequities and challenges facing workers in these fields, as well as adaptations that are needed as we move toward remote work in the COVID economy or toward ways to “work” that have not yet been invented.

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