Economic Development

Community Building

Investment Area: Community Building

This Investment Area includes quality of life investments, supporting the community and infrastructure so the region is vibrant and welcoming.

Priority: Infrastructure and Transportation - By investing in infrastructure, transportation, and in nimble solutions for increasing mobility and accessibility, the Foundation aims to support the region to meet the needs of a variety of users, as well as drive regional growth and competitiveness. Investments aim to connect communities to economic centers, ease traffic congestion and related air pollution, as well as facilitate economic mobility by connecting individuals to cultural and recreational assets, employment opportunities, support resources, and more.

 Priority: Arts and Culture -  A core element to economic development, arts and culture enhance the region’s vitality and livability. The Foundation aims to support the region as it becomes an international arts destination by investing in core art institutions, artists, and artistic and creative communities.

 Priority: Innovation Districts - Innovation Districts are geographic areas where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators, and accelerators. These are investments in places and spaces where entrepreneurs and businesses can grow and thrive, further enhancing the quality of life of residents in the neighborhoods around these districts.

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