In Western Pennsylvania and across the nation, important habitats are imperiled, threatening biodiversity and undermining people’s quality of life.


Wildlife flourishes and people thrive in those once-imperiled habitats, through strategic land protection, stewardship, and activation, and sustainable economic development that deploys renewable energy and new technologies that foster livable communities and healthy natural systems.


Habitat Conservation

  • Protecting large landscapes with high biodiversity​
  • Conserving forests, estuaries, coastal area, and other critical ecosystems


  • Connecting habitats with high biodiversity​
  • Enhancing ecosystems
  • Fostering collaboration with regional, national, and international partners


  • Building strong rural economies in areas adjacent to conserved land
  • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources to improve quality of life
  • Broadening the conservation movement

Sustainable Communities

  • Fostering the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable use of natural resources​
  • Advancing novel sustainable technologies 
  • Improving environmental factors that affect people’s quality of life

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