Safe Space Technologies

Designing, developing and deploying leading edge, highly innovative cleaning solutions

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Technology and automation have reached nearly every aspect of our lives in some form or fashion but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to light that the cleaning and disinfection industry still operates today as it did in the 1920’s: Harsh chemicals and other expensive consumables are applied manually by hand to clean and disinfect spaces in nearly every commercial, industrial and medical facility in the world. At the same time that Covid cases continue to rise, property owners and facilities managers are desperately faced with the need to maintain indoor health and safety but the only known solution today is to add more people, more rags, and more chemicals. Utilizing its nearly 200 years of cumulative experience in the product development and automation industry, Safe Space Technologies is leveraging its core competencies to design, develop and deploy leading edge, highly innovative cleaning solutions.

From our offices and homes to our schools and hospitals, the indoor spaces where we work, play, eat and heal have an outsized influence on our physical and mental health. The sense of urgency comes from awareness of the magnitude of suffering, disease, and premature death in a world today that are caused by social factors and widening inequalities.

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