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To promote the region’s arts to visitors of the Pittsburgh International Airport, Carnegie Museums installed an exhibit featuring photographer Charles “Teenie” Harris, who captured the life of Pittsburgh’s African-American communities in the middle of the 20th century.

Showcasing Regional Success at the Airport:

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museums, and Carnegie Mellon University

Showcasing Regional Success at the Airport:

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museums, and Carnegie Mellon University

As part of an overall strategy to make Pittsburgh International Airport more competitive by expanding airline and destination options for travelers, the airport seeks to share successes of the greater Pittsburgh region through exhibits, live performances, and interactive activities with the more than 8 million individuals—visitors and residents—who pass through the airport annually. Promoting these assets strengthens the case for adding new routes and highlights the positive features of Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. The airport is partnering with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and Pittsburgh Today, among others, to assist in this initiative.

Carnegie Museum Exhibits

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, operated by the Carnegie Institute, is the region’s largest culture organization and encompasses five places of exploration: Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Powdermill Nature Reserve. A Foundation grant of $190,000 will support six different airport exhibits. 

For example, How Do I Measure Up? will let visitors create human selfies measured against baby elephants, brown bears, velociraptors, albatross, and other animals from the past and present. The Art & Science Vending Machine, located in the terminal-side atrium hub, will contain elegantly designed gift boxes, available by providing an email address, whose contents entice travelers to visit the Carnegie Museums.

Carnegie Mellon University Displays

Carnegie Mellon University, one of Pittsburgh’s outstanding academic and research institutions, will conceptualize 12 exhibits that highlight its leadership in science, technology, and innovation, all of which contribute to Pittsburgh’s ongoing renaissance. A $500,000 grant from the Foundation will support installation of as many as six displays at the airport, ranging from basic to complex and space-intensive.

Children's Museum Kidsport

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, which encourages interactive experiences that facilitate children’s growth and intellectual development, is ideally suited to provide such exhibits for Kidsport, an existing children’s play area in Terminal C. A $200,000 Foundation grant will support the design, construction, installation, and signage for five high-quality, kid-friendly, interactive exhibits that will refresh Kidsport and engage children and their families during their time in the airport.