Technology and services company with a mission to make eating healthier easier

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PHRQL (pronounced Freckle) is a technology and services company with a mission to make eating healthier easier by reducing the hard work of planning and following a healthy diet.  FoodScription™ is our AI-powered meal planning solution providing convenient personalized meal planning (including recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition info) for health providers and individuals based on individual health needs and personal preferences.  FoodScription is available as a stand-alone software solution for business customers such as health systems and health plans.  We also offer health and wellness programs for organizations or institutions such as employers, schools, or health plans.  Programs leverage the software and include human instructors or coaches for an engaging and effective solution to improving diet, health, and quality of life.

One exciting example is a 14 week nutritional health program for middle school students and their families we just launched in an underserved Pittsburgh community, delivered in partnership with a local health plan and the public school.

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