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Healthy Communities

Investment Area: Healthy Communities

Healthy communities have conditions that allow for individuals to achieve health and well-being, and have supports in place to address the root causes of inequities. People living in healthy communities are more likely to have better health outcomes and live a healthier, happier life. The Richard King Mellon Foundation will support efforts that strive to improve outcomes for individuals and communities in each of the four priority areas described below: Healthy Eating, Public Places & Open Spaces, Safe & Stable Homes, and Clean Environments. We aim to consider projects that deploy one or more of five approaches in service of improving outcomes in these priority areas. These approaches include improving access, strengthening skills & capacities of those who provide and manage services, preventing the deterioration of outcomes, supporting education & empowerment, and supporting systems change.

Priority: Healthy Eating - Healthy communities enable all individuals to access healthy food, especially those in geographic or economic circumstances that make access to healthy food options challenging. 

Priority: Public Places and Open Spaces - Public places and open spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, and open spaces for community gatherings, allow for individuals to engage in important health promotion activities such as physical activity. 

Priority: Safe and Stable Homes – Homes that are affordable and free of violence provide stability, prevent homelessness, and reduce stress, which positively impact mental and physical health. 

Priority: Clean Environments - Homes and neighborhoods that are free of air pollution, environmental toxins, and allergens prevent developmental issues and health conditions.

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