Gus Gear 

Helping patients live safer, more active lives amidst treatment

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Company Self Description

Gus Gear, Inc. manufactures medical devices and supplies with an emphasis on securement and protection for equipment like central catheters and feeding tubes. Gus Gear’s products help patients live safer, more active lives while they are receiving treatment.

Founded in 2009 by CEO Sarah Palya in response to her own son’s medical challenges, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based company has experienced tremendous organic growth over the past three years, more than tripling its revenues. Sales of Gus Gear’s products have expanded from solely ecommerce sales on its website to direct sales in hospitals and medical facilities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Much of this growth has been fueled through patient referrals to their healthcare providers.

The company’s mission is to improve the safety and quality of life for those individuals and families facing medical challenges, thereby improving overall outcomes. The vision is for their products to become the standards of care and to be accessible for as many individuals as possible by assisting those with financial hardship through discounting and connections to funding resources.

Judges Said:

“This is very practical solution to a unique clinical problem and the device appears to be very effective from the video of the use case."

This is a significant problem with a solution that has demonstrated a solid level of success.

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