Organizational Effectiveness

Leadership and Governance

Investment Area: Leadership and Governance

The Richard King Mellon Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness (OE) program's vision is that our partners will have the organizational strength and agility to pursue big ideas and take risks in service of accelerating achievement of their strategic priorities. The OE program aims to support strategically aligned nonprofit organizations. 

‚ÄčThe OE program is organized into four investment areas, which collectively represent the Foundation's approach to investing in the organizational strength and agility of our partners. Each investment area contains priorities that further describe the Foundation's funding interests.

Effective nonprofit leaders and boards enable successful organizations to achieve their greatest potential. Through the Leadership and Governance investment area, the Foundation aims to support the development of diverse, high-performing leaders and boards. We aim to ensure nonprofit leaders have access to networks for growing, learning, and amplifying the impact of their organizations. The Foundation’s priorities within the Leadership and Governance investment area are below. 

Priority: Diverse, high-performing leaders - Attracting and retaining diverse, high-performing leaders who have the vision and capacity to pursue big ideas and risks

Priority: Collaboration and access to networks - Access to effective communities of practice and collaboration among nonprofit leaders, and stronger networks and collaborations across the region

Priority: Board development and engagement- Fostering collaborative, future-oriented boards with the necessary expertise to provide effective oversight



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