All-natural, edible packaging that dissolves in water to eliminate nonrecyclable, single-use plastic

Company Self Description

DisSolves developed the first all-natural, edible packaging that dissolves in water to eliminate the nonrecyclable, single-use plastic needed to package individual servings of food products in an effort to combat the largest source of plastic pollution in the environment, which is food wrappers and containers. Jared Raszewski’s, DisSolves’ founder, mission was to reduce plastic waste by creating and edible packaging that everyone would feel comfortable and safe eating, which is why every ingredient in DisSolves’ packaging is natural, plant-based, and renewable. Food and beverage companies use DisSolves’ packaging to wrap single servings of their powdered products in water-soluble pods. The end-user simply places a single-serving pod in water and stirs; the packaging dissolves with no residual trace or flavor. Beyond its environmental impact, DisSolves packaging also makes products more convenient because there is no measuring servings, spilling powder, or waste to dispose. By combining sustainability and convenience, DisSolves incentives food brands to adopt more ecofriendly practices because products in our pods can be sold at a premium.

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